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Never miss a grant deadline. Grant Frog helps you manage the grants process, including grant proposals, reports, tasks, and funders, all in one system.

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Transform your grants process

Elevate your grant management experience with Grant Frog’s platform. Seamlessly track grant proposals, reports, tasks, and funders all in one user-friendly system. Never miss a deadline and take your grant management to the next level.

Visualize your grant lifecycle on the dashboard

Get a detailed overview of your grants lifecycle, including the total amount of funded grant proposals, open requests, and a list of tasks and deadlines to ensure efficient management and oversight.


Stay ahead of deadlines

Organize your grant proposals by status, deadline, or funder. With all your grant information in one place, you can focus on creating proposals and building strong partnerships with funders.


Accelerate your workflow with tasks

Stay on top of your tasks and never miss a beat. Whether it’s getting the latest financials from the CFO, writing the proposal, calling a foundation director, or scheduling a site visit, you can create a Task to keep you organized and efficient. 

Manage funder relationships

Connecting with and understanding funders can be an essential part of of securing grants. By keeping track of a funder’s interests, history, how much you’ve requested, and what you’ve received, you can get a sense of what’s working. This overview helps you adjust your approach, making sure your proposals resonate.



per user per month
  • Up to 500 grant proposals

  • Track Grant proposals

  • Track unlimited Grant reports

  • Track unlimited Tasks

  • Track unlimited  Funders

  • Track unlimited Clients (for Agencies)

  • Add-on – Additional Grant Proposals

  • We’ll import your existing grants and funder data

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